EduFin was founded to meet the demand for high quality yet reasonably priced finance support for a range of multi-academy trusts and single academies.

We are friendly, approachable financial experts with a simple aim: to enable you to run your academy secure in the knowledge that should anything go wrong you are equipped with all the tools to respond, recover and prevent with ease.


Our sole aim is to establish close working relationships with our clients and to provide all the tools, training and support to make all aspects of Finance simple.
At EduFin, we don't finish a site visit and assume that is the end of our responsibilities. Instead, we see our role as extended members of staff, providing tailored support for every person we meet.

With over 55 years combined experience in Education Finance, EduFin have developed a number of services and products to identify, improve and support your financial needs. Here at EduFin, we practice what we preach, so if you have a question that has gone unanswered, why not get in touch so we can show you what we’re made of. 

At EduFin we pride ourselves on ensuring the highest levels of customer satisfaction, no matter how big or small the task. Our commitment lies in supporting your academy trust to deliver outstanding financial management. We promise to always do everything in our power, to ensure we meet and exceed the needs and requirements of every client. 

Meet the Directors

Tracy Dawson

Having owned the first computer in Essex*, you’d expect Tracy to be EduFin’s technical wizard. She’s not. She is, in fact, the very person you want by your side explaining how finance works in layman’s terms.

From humble beginnings, Tracy has worked her way up the ladder to end up as EduFin’s most prized financial consultant.

Having worked as a Business Manager in a school before being recruited by the Essex Local Authority to join their financial services for schools’ team, Tracy was then picked up by a well-known Academy Finance Software company. All the while, Tracy has passed on her invaluable expertise to those who are willing to listen. (That’s actually not many people, but there have been thousands of unwilling listeners too.)

Now Tracy directs all involved at EduFin using charm and her endearing nature.

*- this claim has yet to be verified by an external source


David Powell

With an unnerving eye for detail and a desire to ridicule himself on a daily basis, David knows the strengths that make him ideal as that jack of all trades at EduFin.

Fed on a strict diet of data entry at an early stage in his career, he mastered the numerical keypad with dexterity, accuracy and lightning speed. With a desire to make things even quicker; he learnt Excel and how to write macros.

Combined with a love of evenness and order (perfect for a balanced TB), David studied both AAT and CIMA.

Moving into later life, David’s focus was on giving all people the chances he had with his studies and set about sharing his knowledge in the Charity and Education sector.

Now the Managing Director of EduFin, David’s sole aim is to ensure that everyone gets the knowledge to do their jobs effectively and to understand how to make the seemingly impossible, possible.


Carina Gilbert

Looking for a whirlwind to shake things up? Mixed in with the right amount of crazy and a large measure of accounting knowledge? That’s Carina.

A chartered accountant by trade, Carina found life in an Accountants’ office unchallenging so decided to dive head first into the world of Education. Turning the finance department around and producing accounts like a robot, Carina was soon noticed by the same organisation that found us all.

Not soon after, Carina was in demand. Schools fell in love with the knowledge and the style…

  1. Understand the current processes

  2. Train up the staff

  3. Implement changes

  4. Leave on the back of a horse.

It’s been the same story at Edufin. Albeit slightly different as we couldn’t afford the horse.

Who we work with: