In Edufin’s infancy, this was the first service we offered to enable our clients the chance to receive high quality advice and training from Education Finance professionals.

Our on site visits can range from answering various small queries that have built up over time, to something as prominent as providing the function of a Finance Director. Our service is tailored exactly to what you need: no more, no less and no stress. EduFin’s highly qualified and experienced team are able to support you properly to evaluate your financial needs, correctly record your data and help you in the event of any setback or error (because these things do happen!) We have the expertise to anticipate any potential pitfalls to ensure no stone is left unturned and your team is left with no uncertainty or inconvenience. 

Business Meeting

PS Financial Software

With widespread extensive knowledge of PS Financials software, EduFin are also able to offer consultancy on improving the handling and set-up of the markets' best selling software. After years of experience with PS Financials, our motto is “who better teach you that the people who use it everyday?”

With the rapid increase in the number of multi-academy trusts; we are continually adding new locations to PS Financials databases and ensuring our clients can operate their finances in the most efficient and collaborative way possible. 

EduFin has a unique style that put myself and other leaders at ease with the budget and while they ensured that we kept full responsibility, we were guided very clearly and carefully.
— Executive Headteacher, Burnt Mill Academy