What can Edufin do for you?

We have developed a number of services and products to provide you with access to our knowledge in a way that best suits your institution. Whether you're looking for a simple way to send reports to budget holders; or a complete package to host software, implement a consistent month end and prepare your statutory accounts, we've got it covered.




Our on site visits can range from answering small queries that have built up over time, to something as prominent as providing the function of a Finance Director. Our service is tailored exactly to what you need: no more, no less and no stress.




Do you have a question you need a quick answer to? Or perhaps you need a reminder about a task that you only complete once a year? If so, EduFin Helpdesk is what you need. We’re here to provide immediate, specialised support for even the most minor inconvenience’s. 




EduFin offer three separate pieces of software. Each one has been created to take advantage of the flexibility and general ease of use of Microsoft Excel. 



To aid consistent reporting across all Academies within a Multi-Academy Trust, Focus-XL pulls data straight from your finance system and prepares a number of reconciliation and management reports.



Foresight is a straightforward budget and five-year planning tool which has been used by single academies and multi-academy trusts for over five years.



To alleviate the mundanity of printing and sending reports to Budget Holders on a weekly/monthly basis, e-Reporter is a tool which emails an informative and clear report, at the press of a button.



Absence and Vacancy Cover

Being experts in Academy Finance software, EduFin are well equipped to hit the ground running whenever you have a need for staff cover.




Engineered to develop your understanding of financial software and accounting with a clear, concise and friendly approach, we can make that transfer into an academy or trust a little less daunting. 



Internal Audit

We provide an Internal Audit Service that provides trustees and managers the tools to maintain a robust financial oversight.  

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