Focus XL

Focus-XL was built in collaboration with a number of multi-academy trusts to address one particular problem. How can you be sure that each school in your MAT is preparing their monthly reconciliations in the same way? If they’re not, how can you be confident that a consolidated report is accurate?

Focus-XL pulls data straight from PS Financials and automatically prepares a number of reconciliation and management reports. 

These are reviewed by the Academy and commented on where variances exceed your own materiality limits or where a reconciliation requires further information. For example, the Bank Reconciliation does not match the Trial Balance or you have Debtors that exceed an ageing date that the trust would deem unacceptable. 

  • Focus-XL uses security to ensure that users can only see the Academies they are allowed to.

  • All data and reports can be easily copied/pasted to other Microsoft Office products if your need is for a separate report to be created. 

  • There is also a handy print option to be able to create a reporting pack that will be structured the same across the board. 

  • Focus-XL Consolidated is provided free of charge for any trust that purchases more than one licence and offers a suite of consolidation reports and KPIs that pull data from all Academies.