Following a successful launch in September 2015, EduFin are proud to be able to offer an outstanding and dependable hosting solution for your financial software – EduFin Connect. 

After hearing various academies and trust’s voice their frustration over existing hosting solutions, we identified a demand for a more malleable answer that would actually be great value for money.

We offer a low cost alternative hosting solution which allows Edufin Connect users to access their financial system from anywhere. By not restricting your system to a single device, the application allows quick and easy access via our secure servers.


We now have over 300 users that access their financial database via our hosting solution at significant savings in comparison to other providers. A recent comparison of an alternative provider showed that, in a trust of ten users, the savings were as much as £30,000 over a 5-year period!

We can accommodate converting academies, existing academies or even other types of business. Whoever you are, bear us in mind when thinking about where you access your financial software.

If you already have a hosting solution but would like to see how much you could be be saving, why not contact us for a quote? 

Learn more on how EduFin Connect can help you.

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